Innovative Products

Innovative Products

Our fish oils even cater to most demanding tastes.

Our Kids Smart range of fish oil supplements not only provides children with the nutrients they need for learning, health, and vitality, the great tasting burstlets are innovative and fun which ensures that they get eaten regularly.

A unique all natural therapy to fight nature’s onslaught

When winter hits our key markets, customers are turning to Sambucol, a product made out of the natural elderberry extract to boost their immunity against winter’s onslaught. Sambucol® has been awarded the best new health product and best elderberry product for four consecutive years in the USA.

Younger looking skin without a chemical peel

PharmaCare’s Skin Doctors Gamma Hydroxy offers a new generation formula that synergistically blends the ‘good’ hydroxy acids to have a cosmetic resurfacing effect, which, with regular use, has effects likening to that of a chemical peel, giving customers younger looking skin within weeks.